On April 1, 2011, it was official: 2 ½-year-old Malia Dakota Jusczyk's carefree life of Disney World and pony rides, soccer practice and swimming pools, came to a grinding halt. A CT scan revealed that Malia's recent "tummy aches" were caused by a large tumor lodged in her abdomen. The solid mass wrapped around major blood vessels and pushed against her kidney and aorta.

A biopsy confirmed that Malia has a very aggressive childhood cancer known as stage IV (high risk) neuroblastoma. The cancer had metastasized into her bones and bone marrow (cranium, humerus, and femur). Immediately after the debilitating diagnosis, Malia's parents, Megan and Glen, left Orlando, Florida in order to provide their daughter with the best treatment currently available to her at the Children's Hospital/Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts.

To survive, Malia's little body had to endure six rounds of chemo, nine hours of tumor resection surgery, a stem cell transplant, removal of a kidney and an adrenal gland, twelve rounds of proton radiation, countless blood transfusions, and immunotherapy.

We are thrilled to share that as of July 2012, Malia has been declared NED (No Evidence of Disease). Yay!! However, since the rate of relapse with neuroblastoma is so high (and since there is no cure once a child relapses), we have entered her in a two-year-long remission trial, which utilizes a medication called DFMO 2/day and includes scans every three months as well as monthly oncology appointments.

Malia, like all children diagnosed with this awful disease, has shown an unbelievable strength and willpower throughout her treatment. We are thankful for every single day we get with our beautiful daughter!

Unfortunately, many parents can't say the same. The fact remains that every sixteen hours a child dies from neuroblastoma, and although cancer is the number one disease killer of our children, only 3.8% of cancer research funding goes toward pediatric cancer. That is why we have chosen to expand the non-profit, For Kids’ Sake (created by Malia's dad, Glen Jusczyk), to raise money for neuroblastoma research as well as for families of children diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

According to the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society: "For families affected by neuroblastoma, the medical costs alone typically exceed $500,000 with many costs not covered by health insurance, this experience can devastate a family financially."

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause and helping more children crush cancer!

Fundraising Events

5 & 10k to Crush Cancer 2016

Registration is now open for the 5 & 10K to Crush Cancer 2016!

Event details:

  • Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016
  • Start time: 9:30
  • T-shirts for first 300 registrants only.
  • Start: Old Wood School, 200 South St, Plainville, MA
  • Finish: Plainville Town Park, 142 South St, Plainvillw, MA
    (same routes as last year)
  • Parking will be available at Old Wood School.
  • If you'd like to volunteer or have questions please email: forkidssakefoundation@gmail.com

Click below to register:

Register Now!

Daddy vs. Daughter Fundraiser

Glen and Malia will be competing to raise the most money as they run the 5K to Crush Cancer. Both have a $3000.00 goal. Who do you want to see win?

To support Malia "The Cancer Crusher" Jusczyk, click below:

Raised so far: $5,595.00

To support "Fatty Daddy," click below:

Raised so far: $2,516.00

Daddy vs. Daughter Fundraising Donors

Malia's supporters:

Colleen Terry $30.00
Christine Jasset $35.00
Peter Kaufman $50.00
Kerri Barboza $35.00
Lauren Cecko $35.00
Elisabeth Briggs $35.00
Kelly Connor $25.00
Andrew McConville $50.00
Janine Karns $25.00
Sheila Fornoles $25.00
Ellen Mulroy $100.00
Jeanne Lytle $25.00
Aime Cedrone $200.00
David Hughes $150.00
Haymakers for Hope $3,000.00
Melissa Goddard $25.00
selena graham $50.00
mary marengo $100.00
Lisa Ward $100.00
Michael Lesser $500.00
sheryl Wetterhahn $75.00
Dana Quigley $100.00
Sara McDonald $50.00
Stephanie Cullen $25.00
Mark Buron $100.00
jennifer wrench $50.00
Susan Schremser $50.00
Jennifer Aufiero $100.00
Kathleen Stone $100.00
Kimberly Fox $50.00
Kole Jusczyk $100.00
Seth Miller $100.00
Kristen Quagliozzi $100.00

Glen's supporters:

Colleen Terry $20.00
Elizabeth Gemelli $100.00
Robert Vandor $150.00
Eric Berman $36.00
Elizabeth Dallara $35.00
Bridget Miller $35.00
Chris Stone $50.00
Doug Prouty $25.00
Nate Houghton $100.00
Sheila Fornoles $25.00
Gary Moffie $250.00
Dorel Juvenile $50.00
jennifer mcdonald $100.00
Phill Louis $100.00
Kimberly Latko $50.00
Brent Dillard $105.00
Nancy Whipple $50.00
Melissa Goddard $25.00
Adam Sandler $1,000.00
Jennifer Aufiero $10.00
Megan Jusczyk $100.00
Kristen Quagliozzi $100.00

2016 Beach Mini Session Raffle

Raffle deadline extended to May 31, 2016!

Enter to win a beach mini photo session!


  • Each $20 donation using the button below earns you ONE raffle entry.
  • Each family may purchase up to 5 entries ($100).
  • There will be no more than 50 entries sold.
  • Session will take place at a beach in Sandwich, MA on a date agreed upon between the winning party and the photographer.
  • Your beach mini session includes 20-30 minutes of shooting on location, and a full gallery of images presented in an online gallery with rights to save and print.

35 tickets left! Enter the raffle here:

Number of raffle entries:

Click below to see the flyer:

Rob Adams and John Rauscher Annual Golf Tournament

Register now for the first annual Rob Adams and John Rauscher Golf Tournament to benefit the For Kids' Sake Foundation! Or sponsor us to help fight neuroblastoma!

Tournament details:

  • August 22, 2016
  • Granite Links Golf Course, 100 Quarry Hills Dr., Quincy, MA
  • 11:30 am - Registration
  • 1:30 pm - Tee-Off
  • Reception & Dinner after play


Foursome $800

Twosome $500

Single $250

Sponsor the Golf Tournament

Hole Sponsor - recognition on course signage $200

Player Gift $5,000

Dinner (2) $2,500

Lunch (2) $1,500

Reception (2) $1,500

Course Banner (2) $800

Grand Raffle (2) $800

Raffle Sponsor (4) $400

Score Cards - logo printed on score cards $600

Golf Carts - logo on GPS system $1,000

Pin Flags - flags with your logo $950

Beverage Cart (2) $750

Practice Tee $750

Putting Green $500

Long Drive (2) $400

Field Goal (1) $600

Closest to Pin (4) $400

Golf Balls $1,000

Donation (other amount)  

Steve G. to Run the Boston Marathon

Raised so far: $11,437.19

We are excited to partner with Steve G. as he runs the 2016 Boston Marathon to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. Every cent that Steve raises will go towards a pediatric cancer trial! Let's help Steve reach his $5000.00 goal by donating today.

Fundraising Donors

Andrea Toomey $25.00
Steven Galante $50.00
Kyriaki Augustine $50.00
Tricia Eslava $25.00
John Jacoppi $50.00
Emily Wallis $50.00
Sarkis Chekijian $50.00
Kristine Brown $25.00
Brent McDonnell $50.00
Bryan D'Arcangelo $50.00
Nicholas Zervas $200.00
Alison Bushnell $50.00
Tara Brigham $100.00
Kevin Morin $50.00
Jennifer Szyluk $50.00
John Wayman $50.00
Kirsten Blaney $50.00
Chris Westhaver $25.00
Jacqui Chaffins $50.00
James ONeil $50.00
Barbara Moreira $50.00
Edward Durand $50.00
MvP Electronic Recycling $100.00
company match $200.00
David Cannone $50.00
Paul Kessimian $50.00
Max Kjelgren $50.00
Theodore Friend $25.00
Teresa Mazzarella $25.00
Kristin Rider $25.00
Jennifer Snyder $50.00
Michael Giorgetti $50.00
John Basbas $15.00
Elisabeth Colunio $50.00
Sherri Cirota $100.00
Michael ODonnell $100.00
anne giovanoni $50.00
Olga Sokolova $50.00
Visnja Kasic $25.00
Ryan O'Malley $25.00
Michelle Dillione $150.00
Pasqualina Mazzarella $25.00
Eudoxia Arruda $25.00
Wendy Scoppa $50.00
In Memory Of Barchie $50.00
In Memory Of Yiayia $50.00
In Memory Of Kosta Georgiopoulos $50.00
Matthew O'Connor $25.00
Leah Goodnight $25.00
Brendan Day $25.00
Jen Ostrosky $25.00
jim kragh $50.00
Margo OConnor $100.00
Margaret Duncan $50.00
Victoria Bruce $25.00
Julie Del Sonno $50.00
Erin Bell $50.00
Kevin O'Neill $50.00
Lance Boyd $50.00
Jennifer Baptiste $50.00
Janine Shea $50.00
Ellen Nowakowski $25.00
Mark Silva $50.00
Dennis Britt $20.00
Doug Kenyon $50.00
Lydia Rountree $25.00
Margaret Glassman $50.00
David Schmitt $50.00
Peter Coletti $125.00
Sandy Engler $25.00
Tim gannon $50.00
Stacy Thompson $50.00
Dennis Pratt $50.00
Frederick Fox $100.00
joe puma $50.00
Steve Snarr $50.00
Laura Johnson $150.00
Curt Schreur $50.00
Paul & Elaine DGregorio $50.00
Corey Litchfield $100.00
Holly Housman $100.00
Frances Neubarth $50.00
Barbara Connell $100.00
Edith Jaehne $30.00
Kerri Stewart $100.00
Julie A Walker $15.00
Robert Zawrotny $50.00
Hottie Pants $25.00
Viki Carrieri $50.00
Katie Lyons $50.00
Frances Fong $30.00
Susan Hickey $50.00
Kristy Gaska $50.00
Tim and Robin Lyons $100.00
Cheryl Lyons $25.00
Andrew Komjathy $100.00
Janice Sjogren $50.00
Stephen Guidry $50.00
Erini Rallis $25.00
Khara Mayson $50.00
Ronnie Malek $50.00
jesse jones $100.00
Laura LaRochelle $50.00
Heidi Kisiel $100.00
Amy Coletti $100.00
Liz Campbell $25.00
Rebecca Hodges $50.00
John McKenna $50.00
David Bain $25.00
Chris Schnaars $50.00
James Porter $20.00
Barbara Connell $100.00
Margaret Stienstra $50.00
The Cawley Company The Cawley Company $50.00
Philip Muller $262.19
Shana Matte $50.00
Jeffrey Neil $50.00
Sandra forbes-kelly $25.00
Jason Karg $50.00
Kristen Yafrate $50.00
Christopher Gugliotta $50.00
Nicole Clark $50.00
andrew donovan $50.00
Mike Briggs $50.00
Lauren Nykvist $50.00
Patricia McLeish $75.00
Paul Antaya $25.00
Jill Nason $50.00
Christine O'Neill $50.00
Tracy Stonebraker-Mattis $50.00
Thomas Harvey $100.00
sarah chance $100.00
Katherine Almeida $25.00
Lindsey Smith $20.00
Teresa Darden $25.00
Ryan Dollinger $25.00
Thomas Martin $100.00
Anand Rao $25.00
Kristin Katsis $50.00
Lori Rogers $50.00
Mark Owens $25.00
St. George Greek Orthodox Church $100.00
Angela Justice $25.00
Nikki Levy $250.00
Dana Mercure $50.00
Leslie Shaferly $50.00
paul ham $25.00
Kevin Lewis $50.00
Peter McNeil $50.00
Elizabeth Kane $50.00
Gina Matarazzo $100.00
Malia and Kole Jusczyk $100.00
Kathleen Stone $25.00
Jillian Erwin $50.00
Pat and Mike Mertzanis $200.00
Lee-Anne Dautovic $100.00
Jill Congdon $25.00
Linda Cantalini $50.00
Francisco Cevallos $50.00
Brian Juliano $100.00
Elpida Wood $100.00
Brett Smith $25.00
Eleni Mandelenakis $50.00
Victoria Amodio $100.00
Mandy Roberts-Crowley $50.00
Susan Brown $50.00
Brian Moreira $50.00
Matthew Walsh $50.00
Lauren Tajima $50.00
David Vaillancourt $50.00
Jennifer C Piezas $50.00
Gina Soto $50.00
molly burns $25.00
David Canny $50.00
Timothy Sayegh $75.00
Joel Darby $100.00
Amy Malo $25.00
Debbie George $50.00
Maribeth Leary $50.00
Stephanie Prorok $50.00
Larissa Khouw $200.00
Sadie Bjornstad $25.00
Jeffrey Jezierski $50.00
Renick Blosser $100.00
Jeff and Kristen Doherty $100.00
Michelle McCouch $50.00
Megan Houlker $50.00
Eric Peterman $25.00
Lisa pappo $50.00
Marika Scott $25.00
Jonathan Rocheleau $25.00
Troy and Max Geogiopoulos $200.00
Todd Hanna $100.00



Be sure to click here to read the letter from Steve:

Hickory Point Invitational

December 27-29, 2016
Hickory Point Soccer Complex, Tavares, FL

Registration is now open for the 21st annual Hickory Point Invitational tournament, Florida's largest high school soccer tournament! Proceeds will support the For Kids' Sake Foundation in its fight against childhood cancer.

Visit the tournament website for more information!

Amazon Smile For Kids' Sake

Click below to raise money for the For Kids' Sake Foundation while you shop at Amazon. It's a fun way to help a great cause!

For Kids' Sake Foundation, Inc.

Pink Malia Goalkeeper Gloves now available from GK Icon USA

GK Icon USA launches the Pink "Malia" glove as a great addition to their line. This glove stems from the inspiration of Malia Jusczyk and her fight against Neuroblastoma. Proceeds from glove sales will go directly to Malia's foundation. This model is a top of the line match quality glove. The palm is a 4mm super giga grip with a roll finger design. The backhand is embossed latex along with a full embossed latex wrist strap and enclosure. Retail price is $45, comparable models retail for over $100 for this type of glove.

Bumper Stickers and Wristbands

We now have MaliaCrushesCancer.com magnetic bumper stickers and wristbands. If you'd like some, please make a donation, then e-mail us with your address and the quantity you wish to receive, and we'd be happy to mail them to you.

Want to raise funds and awareness for Malia's Foundation? We welcome any and all fundraisers to help crush cancer. Email forkidssakefoundation@gmail.com to get started.

For Kids' Sake T-Shirts

For Kids Sake Foundation t-shirts are available. Email Glen (gjuszcyk@gmail.com) for more information.